Who we are? 

The Associació Catalana d'Empresàries i Executives (ACEE) was created in 1981 to act as a representative and spokesman for the concerns of women entrepreneurship and the means to provide guidance and information to enable it to promote themselves professionally . However, during these years has the highest representation in various institutional bodies.
The challenge for the business executive and has evolved these years , like the role of women in society. Therefore, Acee has adapted and renewed to keep up with the demands they face today and, at the same time they are looking for more women entrepreneurs.
The union of these efforts optimizes resources to reach the goals. That's why a group Acee interrelates with the same concerns, whose contributions are valuable and certainly the raison d'être of this association.

Meet our team

Mª Helena de Felipe Lehtonen
Lawyer, specializing in Corporate Labour Law.

Cofounder and partner of FEMPLUS CONSULTING. Corporate legal advice and gender business consulting for SMEs.


Beatriz Fernández-Tubau Rodés
Lawyer and administrative manager. Specialized in Family Lawyer and Commercial Law

Co-founder and partner of FEMPLUS CONSULTING. Corporate legal advice and gender business consulting of SMEs.